‘Everyday Wonderful, Wonderful Everyday’ incorporates moving image, photographs and poster-works that reflect a concern with the cultural effects of publicity images.


The consistent provocation of our desires, through the publicity image, maintains a collective emotional state of frustration and dissatisfaction with which capitalistic culture has become synonymous. With this in mind, the focus of the artworks is the deconstruction, and subsequent reconstruction of the commercially-produced content within the IKEA catalogue.


[I am particularly interested in how the de-contextualisation of isolated elements of the catalogue might affect both understandings of and relationships to advertising from the perspective of the viewer/consumer.

Through the re-presentation of IKEA’s publicity, attention is drawn to the unrealistic attribution of the achievement of desirable lifestyles to seemingly mundane objects. Is it justified to be apprehensive about the commodification of emotion --- ??]


By applying the language of retail to the gallery environment, ‘Everyday Wonderful, Wonderful Everyday’ provides a somewhat ironic commentary on the IKEA shopping experience, addressing through props and moving image how carefully constructed visual cues likely encourage a conditioned choreography of consumerism.

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