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The quilt is one element in a series of works which reflected a concern with the cultural and sociological effects of commercially fabricated domestic environments.

If domestic environments are, as Bachelard suggests, a phenomenological manifestation of our inner mental space, then what is the effect of having been sold these spaces/contents, flatpack and compact? Berger suggests that a veil of publicity intercepts our ‘real’ experience of the space and prevents the connection of which Bachelard speaks, recalling Debord’s reflections on the disconnection of contemporary society from a ‘true’ reality. What interests me is how exposure to these mediated images might affect the relationship that society experiences with our domestic environments.


[Process: involved traditionally hand-sewn, Welsh quilting techniques applied to mass-produced IKEA fabrics - IKEA: homogenising once culturally-specific emblems and customs into trendy interior decor.]


The lengthy experience of hand-sewing the quilt became a contemplation of whether the labour and history of the practice might imbue the object with meaning - or result in an object with no clear origin, affinities or culture. 


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